A Birthday Gift for Rabbi Dov

  • Imagine the feeling of knowing that in one year you have studied the entire Chumash together with its most basic commentary Rashi?

    What would that feel like for you? How would it inform your thinking as a human being? How would it affect your Jewish identity?

    Do you have 10 to 15 minutes a day to expand your mind, soul and heart?

    This year I am turning 50 years young and I am turning to my community, friends and supporters and asking for a gift.

    Yes, I appreciate that asking for gifts is not the most mature thing to do, especially for someone turning 50.

    But hey... Sometimes you just gotta ask!

    And besides, this is much more of a gift for you.
    - You will have the sense of accomplishment that one feels when they do something monumental.
    - You will have a whole new perspective and appreciation of what it means to be a Jew. (And probably a lot more questions too :-) )
    - You will be doing a Mitzvah. One of the most significant Mitzvos at that.
    - You will be strengthening Jewish identity and pride.
    - Your spirit and the spirit of all our brothers and sisters will feel it.

    This is a gift for you, a gift for me and I believe a gift to those defending us on the front lines in the Holy Land!

    My request and the details:
    Are you ready for a daily study of Chumash with Rashi? (or at the very least the daily Chumash.)

    You make the commitment.
    Sign Up Here.
    Share your Jewish name and your mothers Jewish name.
    Download the app, purchase a Chumash or take one off your shelf.
    Start studying today.

    Now how do you feel?

    Thank you for reading. Thank you for considering.

    Nothing like more informed, energized, proud and inspired Jews.

    When is my birthday you ask? Chof Zayin Cheshvan is the date.
    Go ahead. You can figure that out :-)

  • Purchase a Chumash HERE
    Download the Daily Study App: HERE
    Online Learning: HERE
    Not ready to make the commitment? Do a mitzvah in honor of Israel and Rabbi Dov's birthday HERE

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