This Mitzvah Mobile will be visiting our area to distribute Shmurah Matzah & offer an opportunity for a mitzvah on-the-go.
Tuesday, April 12: 1:00PM - Ridgewood | 2:00PM Westwood | 3:00PM Ramsey

About the Mitzvah Tank:

Hailing a yellow cab, grabbing a slice of pizza after a Yankees game, strolling through Central Park . . . these are some of the indelible parts of a New York City experience. So, too, is the sight of yeshivah students clamoring from a converted RV—better known as the “mitzvah tank”—with tefillin and Shabbat candles in hand as they ask tourists and locals alike: “Excuse me, are you Jewish?”

The mitzvah tanks have become an iconic fixture in New York City and beyond, referenced in the media and popular culture throughout the world.

Yet despite their near ubiquity, the origins of the mitzvah tanks are largely unknown. To many, they are an accepted landmark, an expected part of the urban terrain. continue reading. .