Every year we offer dairy buffets and Ice cream to encourage listening to the Ten Commandments read from the torah as a community.

This year we ask you to stay home and read the Ten commandments. Alone or with family please use the instructions below to take this opportunity to make it meaningful.

The best way to enjoy the Ten commandments is with the Shavuos holiday guide we mailed you. If you did not receive your guide, please email moshe@valleychabad.org for a free copy.

To be updated in the event of an change to our programming ahead of Shavuos, please click here.


The Ten Commandments:

Please click here to print the Ten Commandments (before the holiday begins).

On the first day of Shavuos, Friday May 29th, in the morning, gather your family and read the Ten commandments you printed or from the holiday guide.

After reading enjoy a dairy dish, buffet and or Ice Cream.

Take the opportunity to discuss and reflect on the Torah and the commandments with your family.