While we pray for a speedy and healthy end to the challenge we face, it is time now to begin preparing for Pesach. Passover is traditionally spent with family and friends, a celebration of the Divine gift of Jewish survival and community. But with coronavirus curtailing travel plans and social interactions, many are facing the prospect of celebrating Passover alone.

Matzah and Chametz

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Make a Difference

Sponsor a needy family - Proceeding Passover it is customary to assist needy families with Pesach expenses. During this challenging time your generosity makes a big diffrence.  Click here to help.

Help Valley Chabad in this difficult time - We are local, you are our community and family. As with everything we do, it is only thanks to YOU. 
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Seder During Corona - Resources

Click here for your one stop shop with printable Haggadahs, Tips, Recipes and insights.

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Seder Provisions

Foremost Catering is offering Seder catering during this crisis. Please see their price list below (or print it here).

Be sure to include the Seder plate on your menu. 

To place your order email it to or fax it to 201-664-1376 

Additional instructions and payment information are below and in the printout. 

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