Valley Chabad Hebrew School uses Art as one of its mediums  to further educate its students. Through Art we are able to provide an exciting and innovative educational program for all of our students with lessons that are both  multi-sensory and hands-on. This will ensure that the students truly experience what they are being taught.  Lessons are structured with  discussion-starters, to create a lively and interactive classroom experience. This is followed with the teacher developing ways in which the students are encouraged to find the relevance in Judaism and how it practically relates to our everyday lives. The information then becomes the student's own. As a trendsetter in creative Jewish education, our exciting program will inspire a love for our rich heritage, with the creativity and beauty of modern-day art.

Meet the Instructor: Laurie Caspert of You Gotta Have Art                       

Laurie Caspert web.jpg

Laurie Caspert of YOU GOTTA HAVE ART, hopes to inspire your child's sense of identity by capturing his or her imagination and creativity. Through the language of art, Laurie is able to impart the information in a creative fashion so it becomes the student’s own. Laurie enjoys sharing her passion and enthusiasm for art and it always amazes her when each student given the same material creates something uniquely different.“The students should learn it, live it, and love it”, Laurie says, and that they do at Valley Chabad Hebrew School. At Holiday times, Laurie enjoys seeing the students find meaning in the upcoming holiday through art. Laurie allows each student to find their way through their own expression.