Kiddush A Kiddush joins the community for blessings and inspiration and bring merit to you and your departed relative. See the kiddush form here.
Book A book for prayers and/or learning that you sponsor will add merit for your relative. Books are an important way to invest in your community.

I would like to sponsor books at the Valley Chabad Shul and Library in Honor of my relative. I would like to sponsor (number) Torah/Bibles to Valley Chabad ($54/each).
I would like to sponsor (number) Library books to Valley Chabad ($36/each).
Plaque The Valley Chabad Memorial Wall is a testament to the giants on who’s shoulders our community stands. Each year during the month of Yahrtzeit the light near your relatives name will be turned on. Four times a year during Yizkor all names on the Memorial board have their lights turned on.

I would like a memorial plaque for my relative on the Valley Chabad Memorial Wall. ($500)
Learning Sponsoring a Torah class, a day of Hebrew School or a scholarship for a child in need for a year of Hebrew School is a special way to bring merit to the departed and your family.

I would like to sponsor learning in honor of my relative. Hebrew School for one day $540
A year of Hebrew School for a child $1,300.
A Torah Class $180.
Donate In addition to the dedications selected I would like to partner with Valley Chabad in it’s vital community work.

$3,600 $1,800 $1,000 $540 $250 $180
$100 $54 $36 $18 Other
Relation (Father/Mother/Sister. . Etc.)
Given name of honoree
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